Kendra Star & Mona Kim – Juice
Released: September 16, 2015
Andrej Lupin’s cam gos in immediate as a blade pieces against the lush figure of a finished orange. As the fruit is sever against cleats the viewpoint variations further we view that we’re in an aerial cookery flooded along spark, plus that alluring cutie Mona Kim is viewing the citrus sleigh accompanying warmth also sport. Thereupon Kendra Luminary puts below her slash, gathers up a portion of orange moreover supplys it to Mona as the preface to a touch. However this isn’t merely the using of healthy bite, it’s the beginning to a divine, sweet, besides gluey term of sapphic sploshing. Mona’s shape body acquires drizzled along fly-squeezed drink plus yet both of the boyfriends — sole tiny furthermore charming, the alternative curvaceous further voluptuous, moreover both making their beginnings in a Sexart HD seductive headline clip — purge themselves of their decks plus savor a deliberate turn of backtalk-smacking gender-see over the cookery antipodal. Mona goes depressed initial, licking the impetuous mishmash of sauce plus the waters of arousal eccentric her companion’s snatch. Next she coasts couple thumbs against Kendra plus conveys her to airless crest. Mona therefore rests on the reverse further Luminary trounces besides pointers her skillfully to a tasty vent of her confess. “Juice” objectives along ocular-stunning footage of Mona’s talk licking sweet droplets of OJ eccentric of Kendra Luminary’s hefty mammas, a tangy besides hot cessation to a expressly tasty slice of frisky lesbian erotica.
1920×1080 / MPEG-4 / 20min 32s / 1.14 GB